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VISCOTHERM Decanter Centrifuge Drive Systems in the USA
R&C Valve Repair, Inc. is the U.S. Subsidiary of VISCOTHERM Switzerland. We are in operation since 1992 with our main facility located in Los Angeles, CA.
We supply and service products for VISCOTHERM the leading manufacturer and supplier of decanter centrifuge drive systems.

The VISCOTHERM Hydraulic Scroll Drive – the most efficient in the industry.
The ROTODIFF Scroll drive is both powerful and precise, achieving the highest torque-to- weight ratio with the best process control. By using the hydraulics we eliminate the gearbox and as a result simplify the design, radically reducing the number of moving parts and wear components.

The Hydraulic Scroll Drive uses only the energy needed to drive the scroll; offering the highest energy efficiency. The VISCOTHERM Drive delivers unmatched reliability with lower operating costs – a direct benefit to our customers.
New Equipment complete up-grades to VISCOTHERM Hydraulic Scroll Drive
Fully stocked parts and distribution warehouse able to provide fast parts delivery
State of-the-art testing equipment for all hydraulic drives ROTODIFF – complete testing after works overhauls
Quick turn-around time no costly downtime
Maintenance and service technicians available for questions regarding all products
Field Service technicians - factory trained by VISCOTHERM AG in Switzerland
To guarantee our customers the best value and return on investment
VISCOTHERM Energy Efficient Pump Unit
ROTODIFF Best Torque To Weight Ratio
VISCOTHERM Hydraulic Scroll Drive System - ROTODIFF®

R&C Valve Repair, Inc. can retrofit gearbox driven centrifuges with a modern VISCOTHERM Hydraulic Drive System - ROTODIFF.
Hydraulic Drive Systems are superior:
  • VISCOTHERM hydraulic back-drives are the most reliable solution with proven outstanding performance.
  • Unmatched Reliability; Overload protection
  • Lower Operating Cost; Easy to Maintain
  • Highest Torque Capability; Increased Through-put Capacity
  • Best torque-to weight ratio; Eliminating the Gearbox
  • 100% Torque at all diff speeds; No Downtime due to Plugging
  • Applications in Hazardous Areas; Ex-proof, Zone 1 - ATEX certified
  • Most Energy Efficient, direct Scroll Drive; Powerful and Precise
For more information or any questions on our Hydraulic Drive Systems or any VISCOTHERM® product contact us at R&C Valve Repair, Inc.

The brands VISCOTHERM® and ROTODIFF® are registered trademarks of VISCOTHERM AG.