Pasta Machine RS120G

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Goetz RS-120G Pasta Machine

Made in Germany

The RS120G is the perfect machine for restaurants, hotels, caterings, supermarkets and fresh pasta manufacturers. It is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and NSF / UL certified. The RS120G comes with a standard size ravioli cutter, but you can have all kind of shapes on request.
The built in electric panel makes the RS120G a very safe to operate machine, not only for the user also for the machine it self.

Goetz RS-120G Ravioli Machine Specifications

Benefits ravioli machine RS-120-G

Certified by NSF standard, no additional costs for inspector
Machine parts are all round off for perfect hygienic conditions, easy cleaning
Machine made entirely of stainless steel
Easy to use
Very sturdy built
UL safety standard
Lower base frame made to hold ravioli production pallets
Higher safety standard for operators and staff
Ravioli cutter with four rolls (production of cut single raviolis)
Splash-proof enclosure
No fuses in the cabinet (automatic safety cut-outs, ATMs)
80% of the electrical components are Phoenix-contacts (all off the shelf US-components, easy replacement)
Machine permanently mounted on stainless steel base frame
Easy replacement of wearing parts by operating personnel possible