Pasta Machine Italia Mini

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The ITALIA MINI is a table top multifunctional pasta machine made especially for the restaurant, test kitchen, hotel, and catering businesses.
The beautiful design makes the ITALIA MINI perfect for the in front of the house operation.
Available in: 110 volt / single phase / 20 amp

Pasta machine Dominioni italia mini

V110 motor drive
Full stainless steel
Automatic vat mixer w/extruder
(capacity: 3.5 kg)

Extra accessories:

Mixer and Extruder (basic accessory)
Included in the basic installation design, the special automatic patented mixer "Turbomix" and bronze or Teflon die pasta extruder.

arr-down See accessory data sheet

Potato Gnocchi Maker
Automatic potato gnocchi maker (Can be combined only with the Ravioli Maker).

arr-down See accessory data sheet

Ravioli Maker

Automatic double-sheet ravioli maker with stainless steel frame.

arr-down See accessory data sheet

Pasta Sheeter

Automatic "patented system" pasta sheeter with stainless steel frame, sheet width mm. 100

arr-down See accessory data sheet

Technical specifications (hourly production rates):

Long-cut laminated pasta
Long- and short-cut extruded pasta
Potato dumplings
Kg. 6
Kg. 6
Kg. 8
Kg. 10