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Looking for a new Pasta Extruder or Ravioli Machine?

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

One of the best extruders you can buy for the money. This German made machine is an proven work horse, that runs in many different countries around the world.

Not only that it is made of completely stainless steel, it also has a built in stainless steel cooling system, (chiller). Lots of other brands don't or can't offer that.

The P20G Cert Extruder is perfect for mid-to big size restaurants that make fresh pasta, caterings and Hospitals.

The P20G Cert Extruder, has also many safety features for machine and operator.
If you are making to dry of a dough, the machine will tell you soon that this will not work and shuts it down for the safety of the machine.With a simple reset button in the inside of the electronic box, the machine can be back to work in no time.
Also, no fuses and complicated wiring in the electric box. Simple ATM's make this machine a easy to work with one........

The 10kg (22lbs) mixing tank is easy to clean, because no 90 degrees corners.
Tip: after making some dough and finished with extruding, let the dry out a little bit....after wipe it out with a dry towel or if you have, a little air compressor. Less water you use to clean, less longer you have to clean it.
The P20G Cert Extruder is built, so you can clean the whole machine in less than 10 min.

All the Die's for the P20G Cert Extruder are made of bras and can be ordered with or without Teflon inserts.
Die's should never be washed with soap or any kind of chemical, otherwise the die gets black and will leave a forever stain on your fresh pasta.
Also, never leave dough in the die and let it get dried out, otherwise you will never get the dough out.
Unless you cook the die in boiling water for more than an hour. After blow the soft dough out with a air compressor.

Please feel free to call me if this helps for your operation or if you have any add on's to my post.

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Looking for Pasta machine parts and service?

Pasta Machine Parts and Service

Are you looking for Pasta Machine Parts?
We have parts in stock for:

-Goetz Machines
    - P20G Extruder
    - RS120 Ravioli Machine

-Dominioni Machines
    - P55 and P55R

-Italgi Machines

-TR Models
    - TR75, TR95, TR110

You are looking for Die's?

Please feel free to call us at R&C Pasta Machines, 562-903-7744
Your R&C Team

Looking for RAMEN and UDON making machines or Classes?


Are you looking for a RAMEN noodle making machine or maybe UDON noodle machine?
Please ask us for more information about the machines!

Ramen and Udon Noodle Classes

Yamato and R&C Pasta Machine


8956 Sorensen Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


May 5th - 7th


- Education about flours and ingredients
- Lunch
- Hands on noodle making
- Cooking and practices

For information about machines and classes,
please call:   562-903-7744


We are excited to announce, that we have a brand new website;

Please feel free to check us out, there are more features and services to find.
We are also looking forward to have brand new small machines for pasta and some bigger machines for Ramen- and Udon Noodles. is a California based company and open for business from 7:30am till 4pm pacific time.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us:

E-mail: R&C Pasta Machines

Phone: 562-903-7744

Your R&C Valve Repair, Inc. Team

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To all our customers in the US and around the world


Please feel free to call us about our machines:

P55RT or a Italia Mini from Dominioni
P20G Cert or RS120G Cert from Goetz

also about spare parts for:

- Goetz Machines
- Dominioni Machines
- TR95/TR110 Machines

Service and Repair

R&C Valve Repair, Inc.
13179 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

P: 562-903-7744
F: 562-903-7755

Please feel free to call us if you have a problem with your pasta or ravioli machine.
We can send our Mechanic from Connecticut down to North Carolina.
Looking forward hearing from you

R&C Pasta Machines on YouTube...

Please feel free to watch us on YouTube:

All our services and products will be featured on it

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New Video on YouTube

Check out our newest Video about the Italia Mini on YouTube,

Our Chef will guide you, how to make fresh pasta with our Italia Mini Pasta Machine.


Distributors wanted...

We are currently looking for Restaurant Equipment Distributors
that would be interested in having a elegant table top pasta machine in their show room or line of products.

The Italia Mini is just all of that.....

The Italia Mini fits in every kitchen, doesn't matter if big or small there is always a space for it. Mainly it is designed for the front of the house operation, because of it good looks and typical Italian style.

The Italia Mini comes also with lots of options, such as:

- Mixer / Extruder
- Ravioli Maker
- Laminator / Pasta Sheeter with cutters
- Gnocchi Machine
- Dies
- Mold for Ravioli
- Electric Cutter for short pasta

So to all Restaurant Equipment Distributors out there......feel free to call or e-mail us and ask about our line of products.

Pizza Expo 2013 in LAS VEGAS

Please visit us at the Pizza Expo 2013 in Las Vegas

Booth: 1912

The ITALIA MINI is a table top multifunctional pasta machine made especially for the restaurant, test kitchen, hotel, and catering businesses.
The beautiful design makes the ITALIA MINI perfect for the in front of the house operation.
Available in: 110 volt / single phase / 20 amp

Italia Mini Video

The latest Video from our Italia Mini Pasta Machine is on YouTube.

ihmrs Interl, Hotel / Motel & Restaurant Show

Please feel free to Visit us at the International Hotel & Motel Show at the Javits Center in New York.

We will introduce the brand new ITALIA MINI from Dominioni.

Booth#: 1742

R&C Valve Repair, Inc.
Dominioni USA
13179 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Phone: 562-903-7744 Fax: 562-903-7755 Cell: 310-951-6897

Refurbished P17 Pasta Extruder for sale

Please feel free to call us, about our refurbished
P17 Pasta Extruder.

It comes with:

3 dies

1 cutter complete for short pasta

1 special key


Stainless steel chiller with circulation pump and
On/Off wall switch

15-20kg pasta / hour

220V/ 3phase 20amp

16th Americas Food & Beverage Show 2012

We offer the full product range and service for pasta machines
made by Dominioni Punto & Pasta S.A.S, Goetz GmbH and other major brands. 
Our pasta machines are made by the highest quality standards NSF and UL certified.

Please visit us at booth #434, Sept. 24. / Sept. 25.

Feel free to take a look at our brand new Italia Mini from Dominioni.

See you soon

Thank you for your visit

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for your visit at our booth at the NRA Food Show in Chicago 2012.

Not only people from the US visit us, there were people from Columbia, Brasil, Ecuador, Mexico and even people from Switzerland.

The Show was a great success and we had the chance to introduce the Italia Mini from Dominioni.

The Italia Mini is not only a fantastic looking machine, it also fits in any restaurant. Because of its size and weight, the Italia Mini makes it a very portable machine and it will catch everybody's eyes.
Please feel free to call or e-mail us about this fantastic Pasta Extruder from Dominioni.
We, R&C Valve Repair, Inc. are the main importer of the Italia Mini and Goetz pasta extruders. Please visit us on our webpage,

NRA Show in Chicago May 5. - May 8. 2012

Dear friends of fresh pasta,

Please visit us at the booth of Dominioni Punta & Pasta. We will introduce you the new line "Italia" from Dominioni.

See you there

R&C Pasta Machines

Pasta Machines for Vapiano Restaurants

(TB) R&C Valve Repair's pasta division just delivered another set of Goetz pasta machine P20G and Goetz ravioli machine RS120G to the franchise restaurant Vapiano in Reston VA. The restaurant, located at the Reston Town Center in VA, is using the P20G extruder for its daily production of fresh pasta and the RS120G ravioli machine for their daily filled pasta production.

Goetz pasta machine RS120G

Both pasta machines were shipped from R&C Valve Repair's California location in Santa Fe Springs.

Pasta Machines go to Mexico

(TB) R&C Valve Repair's pasta division just delivered the first Goetz pasta machine P20G and Goetz ravioli machine RS120G to the franchise restaurant Vapiano in Mexico. The restaurant is using the P20G extruder for its daily production of fresh pasta and the RS120G ravioli machine for their daily filled pasta production.

Goetz pasta machine P20G

Both pasta machines were shipped from R&C Valve Repair's California location in Santa Fe Springs.

NRA Food Show 2011 in Chicago

(TB) This year R&C Valve Repair's pasta division visited the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago and left on a positive note. We discovered some pasta machines from different vendors, but not one of their pasta machines was built with all stainless steel unlike our Goetz P20G extruder and Goetz RS120G ravioli machine. Our pasta machine P20G and ravioli machine RS120G are specifically made to US standards and are also US certified.

The NRA Show (National Restaurant Association) brings 1,900+ exhibitors representing 900+ product categories offering the latest innovations in food and beverage concepts, cutting-edge commercial kitchen equipment and supplies, technology and operational resources – more than another other industry event in the world.

NRA Show Website